2018 Abia State Education/Health Mission 01/03 – 05/2018

The Abia state mission was mostly education to introduce the Team based Care in Federal Medical Center, Umuahia with a one day community outreach. Sub topics chosen for the team based care was the introduction of care management using guidelines/algorithms.

Presentation of topics took place in 2 days. For day 1 the target audience was the medical staff and other departmental heads and discussion centered on the need for Guidelines for the Management of Diabetes, Chronic Kidney Diseases (CKD) and Hypertension. Day 2 centered on Nurse Leaders, practicing nurses and student nurses and the discussions were on the role of nurses in team based care with emphasis on their role in the management of Diabetes, CKD and Hypertension (See attached agenda)
On Day 3, the mission ended with health outreach which took place in one village in Ikwuano local government area on January 5th 2018
A total of 318 clients were seen in one community. Five Medical doctors, 1 ophthalmologist , 1 optometrist, 20 nurses which included senior nursing officers and nurses from the public health sector doubled as screeners for BPs, Blood glucose, HIV testers, and Malaria testing officers after orientation to the different testing machines and strips. Some were already using them in their regular duties which made their work easy. Medications were dispensed by a Pharmacist assisted by volunteer nurses after orientation. Reading glasses were dispensed by the ophthalmologist and optometrist. Disease conditions prevalent in visited village were mostly Diabetes, High blood pressures, Malaria, Eye conditions which warranted issuing of reading glasses by the ophthalmologist. All left over medications were donated to the Federal Medical Center and the Abia State local government director.
Federal Medical Center, Umuahia:
This is the location where the education mission took place and about 300 students and practicing nurses benefitted in the education with the theme “Clinical updates: The use of guidelines for the management of disease conditions.” Presentations were two folds. Day 1 was directed at Medical personnel, heads of department and the CMD who was ably represented by the CMAC of FMC Umuahia. Discussions drew numerous responses and questions with a resolution that the CMAC will form a guideline committee who in turn will produce relevant guidelines for the patients and staff of FMC, Umuahia.
Abia State Government:
Some staff from the ministry (the director of nursing and the faculty from Abia state university) attended the education program as observers. A conference call was done between Drs. Ngozi Mbibi, Pat Ukaigwe, Mrs Egbute and Ms. Jane Ekwuonye (from USA) to identify how the collaboration between NANNNA and FMC can be replicated in the state hospitals..
A NANNM representative was present for the day 2 education